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The Discussion Settings define how your readers interact with your website and how your website interacts with other blogs.

Jun 2020 3 minutes

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The Discussion Settings define how your readers interact with your website and how your website interacts with other blogs.

You can configure pingbacks and trackbacks for whether readers can post Comments or not and if so, how those Comments are moderated and displayed.

Just for a bit of an idea of what pingbacks and trackbacks are, probably quite an old technology now but, basically, people can Comment on a Blog without ever visiting the Blog so pingbacks and trackbacks can inform other bloggers, whenever they cite an article from another website in their own articles.

That just means the online conversation can be maintained painlessly among various sites and users, but to be honest, you rarely see that kind of happening anymore.

So, this screen lets you configure whether the post Author should be emailed whenever someone posts a Comment on your site.

If you are receiving emails whenever someone posts a Comment, you can simply uncheck the box next to Anyone post a comment within the Email me whenever section and then you can save your changes down the bottom here.

If you would like to be notified whenever a Comment is held for moderation, it can be configured on this screen as well within the Email me whenever section and that notification gets sent to the email defined in the General Settings part of the website.

You can also tweak and define when you automatically close Comments on a post, sometimes they set this to about 30, 60 or 90 days depending on how frequently you get Comments on your website and what kind of content it is, if it expires quite quickly, or not.

Comment blacklist is great, especially for web developers, because we can populate this with some commonly known content that will get flagged as spam and it really helps reduce the number of Comments that you get that are spam, so you are not sitting clicking “mark as spam” all the time and actually reviewing Comments from genuine users.

The Avatar section if anyone has signed up to Gravatar and assigned a picture to their email address, it will display an icon based on that user’s email address, however, you can switch this off completely, or it will create little generated pictures, so just a case of switching that off and then click [Save Changes] and you won’t have those come up in your Comments list.


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