Paragraph Block

The paragraph block allows you to enter a paragraph of text.

Jun 2020 3 minutes

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Paragraph Block video screenshot


Paragraph Block.

The paragraph block allows you to enter a paragraph of text. Each paragraph is a new block, so when you hit the “Enter” key, to start a new paragraph, a new paragraph block will be automatically inserted, as you continue to type. You can see here we have one block, second block.

Once you’ve added your content to the paragraph block, there are further options available in the Settings sidebar, you can change the text size of the text using the “Font size” dropdown, or the number field next to it. Let’s see, it changes the whole paragraph here.

The exact size of these and the names will be dependent on your theme and that you’ve currently got set up on your WordPress installation.

If you want to select an exact pixel size, you can use the number field next to it and you can see it’s changed that to 16 point, and 20 there, and you can click the reset button to set it back to the bog-standard default size for your theme.

The “Drop cap” option allows you to turn the first character in the paragraph to a drop cap. So we switched that on, now it’s “I”, if we take this sentence out here and switch it on, it is “D” and that’s where the first letter of the paragraph is enlarged to drop down to two or more lines.

Drop caps are typically used to grab attention of the readers, and it will only display on that particular block that you’ve selected, you’re highlighting there. When you’re adding content to your paragraph block or editing the existing content, the first character will display the same size as the rest of the paragraph text.

The background and text colours can also be changed using these colour settings in the Settings sidebar. By default, there are a number of pre-select colours to choose from as well as a custom colour picker.

Depending on your theme, the available options for colours, um, and default colours might change.

If a colour combination that you selected for the background and text, are hard to read, you will be prompted with a warning advising you that the colour combination is hard to read. So let’s give that a try. There we go, and this is just a highlight for contrast ratio, which is to make the text more readable and accessible to all users. So in this instance, having a darker background in the lighter text, gives us plenty of contrast.


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