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Media Library is where you will find all the images, videos or other files that you have uploaded to your website.

Jun 2020 3 minutes

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Media Library video screenshot


To access the Media Library you would come into your main navigation and it selects the library by default, and this is where you will find all the files that you have uploaded to your website.

There are two different views currently we are on the List view and there is also the Grid view.

The Grid view will display a grid of thumbnail images for each of your media files. These might be jpeg, png, movie files, audio files, word documents and pdfs and generally, if you have a lot of images as you scroll down it would continue to scroll, just infinite scrolling.

A great way if you visually need to see where something is that it is good for that. So if we just hop back over to the List view.

The List view generally out of the box would give you about 20 images to view because it has extra information, but you can update that using the “Screen Options” tab at the top and change that here.

What it outlines is the name of the file, the name or the title that you have given it, who has uploaded it, if it was uploaded when you were creating a Page or a Post so it is attached to it, any comments associated with this media file and the date it was uploaded.

You can do some basic image editing in here as well on the fly, you can delete it permanently and you can view it, which is like the Attachment Page which we can see here. A lot of Theme Developers will disable this option, most of the time you will find with your images, you would probably like to show in a gallery or a lightbox and that page generally becomes redundant. But, it is handy if you are reviewing it and wanting to check it, if you are editing images as well.

They have got options at the top where you can search so if you have given it a pretty descriptive title – not like this one – then you can search the media files ,quite powerful. You can also filter by the ‘type’ and if it is attached to anything. If it isn’t attached, it might be that it has been used in the Theme itself, like in the code.

You can also filter by the ‘date’ it was uploaded as well, which might be helpful and like other sections of the website WordPress admin you can select them, and “Bulk Delete” them permanently as well.

If you do delete media from here, and they are attached, then you will find it will disappear, or you may have a broken link on that Post so be wary of that.


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