Gallery Block

The gallery block allows you to add an image gallery.

Jun 2020 2 minutes

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Gallery Block video screenshot


Gallery Block.

The gallery block allows you to add an image gallery, so we are going to do that now.

Select the gallery and I’m going to choose to pick some images from our media library, here, and it’s telling me I’ve got eight selected here at the bottom.

Okay, “New gallery” and “Insert the gallery” and it has populated that on my page.

You can choose to upload your files from your computer directly, or you can simply drag and drop your new images onto the gallery block and it will be automatically uploaded to the media library, and inserted to the block at the same time.

Now, once you’ve added your images to the block, there are further options in the Settings sidebar. You can choose to have a number of columns, here I have eight images, it’s presenting them quite nicely, instead of being three.

You can also elect to have your thumbnails crop ,so that they align more evenly with each other, so if I unselect that, you can see they’re all different heights.

Using the “Link To” dropdown field, you can choose to link to each gallery item on an attachment page. Or the actual media with media file, which sometimes comes in handy, if you’re using something like a Lightbox plugin or you can choose to have no link at all and just simply display them as they are.

You can add a caption to the image by clicking the image and start typing here, or by going to the image itself into the media library and adding caption here.

How this displays on your website will very much depend on the theme you are using, but I hope it gives you a good idea of what you can achieve.


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