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The Export Personal Data option is used to export the personal data for your users.

Jun 2020 2 minutes

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The Export Personal Data option is used to export the personal data for your users.

It is one of the new tools to help with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation also known as GDPR and you will find it in the Tool’s menu option.

After entering a username or email address in this field, and click “Send Request”, an email will be sent to that user to confirm the request. Now, I have already done that with our test user account and here, it tells us that has been processed successfully and that we are waiting for a response.

So once a request is confirmed from the user, you can then generate a .zip file which contains the personal data that exists for that particular user within your WordPress website.

Let’s just jump over to the email. I want to Export Personal Data, “yes”, so I am the user click this. So, just a confirmation and that it needs to be fulfilled, so let’s go back and refresh and this was confirmed.

Now we can download the personal data or send the export link, so let’s do that and let’s download the personal data, and there is the .zip file being generated, in case you wanted to send that to them, maybe in another way, perhaps via email, or Dropbox, or drive, etc.

WordPress will send the user an email with the link, to allow them to download that same generated .zip file. And if we just refresh that, so, now that has been completed, we have now got a remove request, which means it will remove this entry from the table, but you can leave it there for your own records, so you know what you have actually done.


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